Beautiful Big Sur

Big Sur.

Magnificent cliffs overlooking the ocean, spectacular colors of turquoise and lush greenery, the smell of salty sea air. What a wonderful place full of life.

After a short drive down Highway 1, past striking bridges and windy roads, we headed to our campsite surrounded by Eucalyptus and overlooking the ocean. Although sunny periodically, there was a brisk wind in the air. We had a blast going down to the beach and exploring the tide pools for crabs, mussels, and sea-stars.

We headed back to walk around the campsite and set up for dinner. Nothing like great friends to spend time in nature with!

It was getting a bit chilly so we put on our beanies and bundled up to watch the sunset. The colors were so vibrant and mesmerizing.

The next day, we had a lazy morning and breakfast of banana pancakes to fuel us up for our hike to Cone Peak. As we drove up the windy road along steep cliffs, some of us more anxious than others, we realized how high up this mountain is. It was a strenuous but worthwhile journey, with amazing views and flora along the way.

As we finally reached the top, we got some breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the expansive ocean down below.

Our adventure to Big Sur was quite the memorable experience, and really accessible for new travelers. We think everybody should make the trip if they have the time, it's worth it!


See you in the wild



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